Six-Foot-Four Model Who Married A Man Six Inches Shorter Than Her Gets DMs From Men Asking To Climb Her

Six-Foot-Four Model Who Married A Man Six Inches Shorter Than Her Gets DMs From Men Asking To Climb Her

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Emerald Van Langen is, a beautiful six-foot-tall lady driving men wild with her stunning looks. The 32-year-old towering beauty works as a nutrition manager and freelance model in Toronto, Canada.

Emerald was told she was ‘too tall’ to be a model but she found a niche online 

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She talks about her dating life admitting that initially finding a suitor proved a challenge initially because of her height. But as they say, it gets better with time, she found love and certainly tons of online admirers.

‘I’ve been with my husband for eleven years now and he’s five-foot-ten-inches tall. Before we met, I didn’t date much but I only dated shorter men – six-foot-two and under – when I did,’ she explained.

While it’s easy to assume shorter men might be more likely to be intimidated by her height, Emerald says otherwise.

Emerald’s has been married for 11 years to husband five-foot-ten tall,


Emerald is proud of her height and proudly shows off in her bright Instagram posts on her page. This much publicity attracts some unwanted attention and Emerald certainly isn’t spared.

‘I do receive some inappropriate DMs. Some just ask me to stand next to a door, but some want me to post kinky videos,’ she explained. ‘Someone once messaged me saying, “I’d climb you for a f**k.”‘

Growing up, Emerald had always hoped she would be as tall as her older sister, who is six-foot-three, and shunned coffee and soda after hearing a rumor that caffeine would stunt her growth.

Emerald Took Modeling Class At 16 years But Was Later Deemed ‘Too Tall’ By Casting Directors

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Emerald first became aware of her faster growth spurt at ninth grade. She noticed, her body was growing much faster than her peers. During her teenage years she tried to blend in with her peers Opting to make a few tweaks. She began to opt for flat shoes instead of heels and preferred to be seated when conversing with others because it was more comfortable for her.

Emerald Opted Wearing Flat shoes To school Trying To Blend In After She Got Noticeably Taller Than Her Friends

‘I used to feel a bit awkward in school. I would often bend down to fit in pictures – and still do,’ she recalled. ‘Everyone joked that the basketball coach would ask me to be a part of the team, but they never did.’
Emerald grew to six feet, four inches tall – beating her sister by a single inch.

Growing this tall certainly poses a different challenge but she learned to fully embrace her height, though some things remain difficult for her.

‘Clothes shopping has become easier now that I know which stores sell longer sizes,’ she said. ‘When I went wedding dress shopping, I had to have a seamstress drop the skirt so it was longer.

Apartment hunting is the worst experience. My first question is how high are the ceilings which landlords always seem to lie about,’ she added.

Emerald is now focused on her modeling career. It took her sometime to get a footing in the competitive industry but she’s determined to carve out a name for herself.

Emerald Carved Out Her Niche As A Model When She Started Freelancing


Models are well-known for their graceful heights, but casting directors often deemed Emerald to be ‘too tall.’ It wasn’t until she started freelancing and finding her own work that Emerald found her niche.
‘I started taking a modeling class when I was 16, which taught me to stand up straight and be more elegant,’ Emerald said.

‘I got a paid gig, but my hips and feet were too big to fit into their sample sizes, so I gave modeling up for a few years.

The model practices pole dancing. She said men reach out to her on Instagram asking for ‘kinky videos’