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Shakira Is Willing To Go All Out Against Pique, He’s Made ‘Enemies’ With The Wrong Person


Shakira Is Willing To Go All Out Against Pique, He’s Made ‘Enemies’ With The Wrong Person

It’s alleged the Barcelona defender made enemies with the wrong person.

Not much is known about the ongoing battle between Shakira and her ex-partner Gerard Pique, but it has come to light that the Barcelona defender’s refusal to let the singer take their children, Sasha and Milan, to Florida has sparked a severe outburst between the duo.

As a result of the latter, it’s alleged Shakira threatened to reveal some of Pique’s secrets and to expose details of his personal life that have so far been unknown. 

“She has realized that she didn’t know the man she was living with. She’s not going to stop,” a source told Informalia. For those unaware, Shakira and Pique are in a feud over the custody of their children. Reportedly, one of the things driving Shakira out of Barcelona is she can’t stand living close to Pique’s family. 

And to achieve this in totality, the singer is working closely with her legal team, and they’re ready to attack. 

The source added: “She’s willing to do anything. She was no stranger to Pique’s playing around, but she never thought that he had been unfaithful since the year they had met. She’s going to have to play a trump card.”

“That’s why she now has people scraping around for information and putting together an in-depth report on Pique, with all of the information of his behavior.”

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A few sources alleged that Pique had made himself an unwanted enemy, and he’s aware of the damage Shakira can do to this reputation. The source concluded: “There are some surprises that won’t leave anybody indifferent to the case. They know things that will hurt him a lot and not only regarding a couple of family matters.”

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