Scotland Is Going To Become First Country To Make Feminine Hygiene Products Free

Scotland Is Going To Become First Country To Make Feminine Hygiene Products Free

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Plan International United Kingdom recently conducted a study & results show about 15% of girls struggle to afford sanitary products. The study also revealed that half of the girls within the age bracket 14-21 are embarrassed by their monthly periods.

Demonstrating that period poverty and stigma are real problems, the study is calling for an urgent solution to the subject matter. Responding, Scotland recently introduced a bill to make its Feminine Hygiene Products Free.

Scotland Just Approved The 1st Stage Of The Bill That Would Make Hygiene Products Free

Titled the Period Products (Free Provision) Bill, it was introduced by Monica Lennon and has already passed the first vote. Becoming a law, the Scotland government would hence be responsible for period products, making it readily available for those in need of it.

The record-setting bill is also to make Scotland the first country ever in the world to make menstrual products free. An average, period products cost $10 monthly, making it unaffordable for those living on a very low income.

‘Menstrual Products are not luxury items, they are indeed essential and one individual in Scotland should go without period products.’ Monica, a Scottish Lawmaker said.

In 2018, Scotland was the first country in the world to make period products free in schools, universities, and colleges. The government approved about £5.2 million in funding the decision. Local businesses have equally joined the cause, with many restaurant owners making available sanitary products free of charge.

Several countries, including the United States, Malaysia, Australia, Uganda, India, Nigeria, Tobago, Trinidad, Lebanon, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Columbia are all fighting period poverty by allowing sanitary items a tax-free thing.

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