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Scientists Trained Rats On How To Play The Hide & Seek Game, Find Out They Really Enjoy Playing


Scientists Trained Rats On How To Play The Hide & Seek Game, Find Out They Really Enjoy Playing

Have you ever played the game?

Don’t tell me you never played the Hide and Seek Game!

Hide and Seek game is regarded as one of the many games that are quite popular in the world. I’ve played it, My family and friends have equally played it, even the little ratty who’s sneaky has played it.

Every child along with their guardians or parents gets to relieve the excitement by engaging in hiding and seek. Aside from it is sincerely fun, there’s a heap of science backing up the game, revealing how beneficial the game can be in the aspect of the body and mind build up.

Overall, the game is such a universal that it transcends all barriers of language, species, and even age.

However, scientists in Berlin have trained rats on how to play the game in order to really understand their behavior

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Humboldt-Universität Berlin

A Neuroscientist from Humboldt University in Berlin, Michael Brecht came across some YouTube videos of pet owners playing with their rats.

With plenty of the owners acknowledging that their beloved pets love playing games, including the Hide and Seek, earlier research has deduced that rats actually love rowdy games. The hide and seek game is quite a complex game as it entails some specific rules.

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 Tambako The Jaguar (not the actual photo)
3 36
Sue (not the actual photo)

Taking up a challenge, Brecht with the assistance of his colleagues planned up an enclosed 30 square-meter playground with little shelters and opaque boxes.  Six rats were specifically chosen for the experiment.

The game started with a rat been placed inside a lidded box. When the experiment’s game master, Annika Stefanie Reinhold hides, the box is then opened remotely and the rat gets to jump out in search of her.

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Marco Nedermeijer (not the actual photo)
5 31
Mike (not the actual photo)

The selected rats were, however, rewarded with pats and tickles for discovering where the game master was.

When the roles were switched, the rat became the hider. Likewise, Reinhold would crouch beside the opened box, letting the rat jump out and go hide in one of the assigned hiding places.

6 30
David Ascher (not the actual photo)
7 25
Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center (not the actual photo)
8 26
Tambako The Jaguar (not the actual photo)

Hence, in just two rigorous weeks of training, 5 of the 6 rates knew how to play the hide and seek game.

Here’s The Video Of The Experiment:

This Particular Video Inspired The Experiment:

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