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Ryan Reynolds Downed On Gin And Played Fashion With Toilet Paper During Lockdown


Ryan Reynolds Downed On Gin And Played Fashion With Toilet Paper During Lockdown

An actor, a comedian and a philanthropist in a single video.

We all need a dose of Ryan Reynolds in this trying time. Honestly, when you’re stranded at home with just your kids and a whole box of toilet paper waiting to be used, you want a personal Ryan Reynold to cheer you up.

The ‘Deadpool’ guy recently appeared on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and let us checked into his life so far during the lockdown. The Aviation Gin owner evidently cracked some Canadian-worthy jokes as he

Split into two parts, the first video had Ryan Reynolds talking about life has been going for him. His mother-in-law has been staying with them and that means Ryan has become the sole male in a house with 5 other females. Oh, and he’s getting a haircut from his wife, Blake Lively, tomorrow.

When asked if he misses being around other men, he joked, “I’m doing my part to wipe men off the face of the earth. Most men are the architects of someone’s demise.”

“We’re doing a lot of home-schooling. We’re lucky enough to have a little, tiny garden, so we’re learning a little bit about gardening. We’re trying to make this an educational experience, but I’m mostly drinking,” he added. The two proceeded to show their respective bottle of gin, whether it was for promotion purposes or you know, they just need another glass.

They got onto talking about their very first auditions on the second video.

Among the nice things Ryan has done, one of them was giving out free data on MintMobile to encourage people stay home.

…and it’s been extended to May 14th. Enjoy guys!

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