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Red Wine Pours Out From Kitchen Taps In Italian Village After Winery Mix-Up


Red Wine Pours Out From Kitchen Taps In Italian Village After Winery Mix-Up

An unexpected win and treat!

The Red Wine Blunder has happened!

People residing in a small village near Modena, in the Northern region of Emilia Romagna were recently shocked after noticing their kitchen taps got wine instead of water.

Technicians, according to reports discovered it was a fault from a nearby winery, which had mistakenly been pumped into the local water supply.


The residents admitted the smell of the pink liquid coming out of their taps was obviously that of the locally-produced Lambrusco Grasparossa.

According to Gazzetta DI Modena, a local newspaper, the wine piped into homes in Castelvetro, an area of Modena from the nearest Settecani winery following a technical error in one of the winery’s silos.

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With the wine having a higher pressure than the water in the pipes, it started to run through the system and later into nearby homes.

Responding, the local water board hurriedly sent out technicians to put things back to normal – but not before residents bottled up a large quantity of the precious liquid for lunch and dinner, including other typical Modenese specialties.

Issuing an apology for the incident, the local council took to Facebook. Some village residents expressed their concern about the safety of their water supply, while a few complaints were forwarded to the council and local water company for fixing the fault too quickly.

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