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Aldi Is selling Tote Bag That Comes With Secret Built-In Wine Dispenser


Aldi Is selling Tote Bag That Comes With Secret Built-In Wine Dispenser

Now I know what I should get for Christmas.

Australian women will be exceptionally happy (or bewildered) by Aldi Australia because they are selling a $24.99 tote bag with a unique feature. It has a secret built-in dispenser behind that cute leaf pattern. The tote shoulder bag has an insulated cooler compartment for wine complete with a hidden pouring tap and a removable pouch.

What’s so amazing is that it’s completely hidden – it looks like a totally normal tote bag. Except that you can definitely pass on, anyone and anywhere, a whole bottle of champagne with this bag.

The bag is set to be released on Saturday, December 21 and you can find it in Special Buys catalog.

What do we want for Christmas?

The ability to get drunk where you go without looking obnoxious fashion-wise or risking spilling alcohol all over the content of your bag. This shoulder tote bag looks cute, but also crazy and wild at the same time. Shoppers are showing interest in this as they think it’s a great Christmas present.

‘My love for Aldi just increased!’ wrote one fan while another said, ‘This is ALL I want for Xmas.’

Jokes aside, the cooler compartment can definitely work for storing other kinds of beverages.

It’s big enough for a bottle of wine, so it can definitely store your cold drinks. Or if you are more of a beer person, you can store about 2 cans inside there. Or really, a cold bottle of water will do, too.

By the way, Aldi also released the same bag last year. And to everyone’s surprise, it sold out almost instantly. So this year, the outlet has reminded people to arrive at stores earlier to get their share.

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