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Proud Dad Sparks Outrage After Posting Photos Of His 14-Year-Old At Work


Proud Dad Sparks Outrage After Posting Photos Of His 14-Year-Old At Work

The proud dad discussed how some adults could learn from his son’s value ethic.

Proud dad Chris Crawford [pictured] couldn’t curtail his excitement after his son resumed a part-time job at Burger King. He shared photos of the 14-Year-Old on duty in a Facebook Post and also took the opportunity to discuss how some adults could learn from the young teen’s value ethic.

Cris Crawford Post 1 1
via chris.crawford/Facebook

As per Crawford’s post, the job is what makes his son happy, and indeed he could be seen smiling in his BK uniform.

Cris Crawford Post 2
via chris.crawford/Facebook

“Huge shout to this kid of mine, 14 years old and has a PT job at Burger King; not only does he work every day he can, including weekends when most kids are out enjoying their summer, he goes in early and stays late almost every time he works, he loves every minute of it,” the post read. Crawford added his son was making an honest living, and he could not be a more proud dad. 

Cris Crawford Post 3
via chris.crawford/Facebook

His post concluded: “Some of y’all lazy, grown a** people out there should take notes!!! #prouddad.”

It’s clear Crawford is VERY proud of his son’s achievement as he further alleged he’s being responsible in his decisions and becoming a respectable young man. The post has since gone viral, leaving the internet divided in their opinions. Some people believe it’s a good age for him to learn about money and to save it, but others think it’s too much. 

Of those against it, @purplepanda1310 pointed out it can cause psychological damage in adult life.

Others were quite concerned about the young boy considering his father mentioned he works seven days a week. However, the minimum working age in the United States is 14 years old for non-agricultural jobs. The law also prohibits employing youths under 18 years old for hazardous professions.

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