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Police Confirms Dog That Killed Toddler Bella-Rae Was An American Bully, Not A Banned Breed


Police Confirms Dog That Killed Toddler Bella-Rae Was An American Bully, Not A Banned Breed

An investigation to establish its previous owners is ongoing.

Treysharn Bates is heartbroken and has been crying hysterically over the death of her 17-Month-Old Bella-Rae Birch, who was violently mauled at their home in Blackbrook, St. Helens. Locals described how Bates was in floods of tears before emergency services rushed Bella-Rae to the hospital. 

Here’s Treysharn Bates, Bella-Rae’s mother.

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Tragically, Bella-Rae passed away from her wounds.

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“It’s awful. I went over to help. I don’t want to go into what happened but all I will say is that they were a doting family. They doted on that little girl. They were always out together,” An eyewitness who left flowers outside the family’s home said. Another neighbor stated: “We pulled up from school and heard screaming. I just ran over to try to help and started CPR until the paramedics took over.”

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A third resident added: “You see it on the news, but when it happens on your doorstep, it’s devastating for the whole community. It’s just heartbreaking. The brother of the little girl is in my boy’s class at school. My dad ran over and tried to perform CPR; he was really devastated. He’s still in shock and won’t speak.” Neighbor Pauline Sharratt also said: “It was such a shock. She was a 17-month-old baby, it’s heart-rending, it really is.”

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It’s reported Bella-Rae’s father, Ryan [pictured], bought the animal for buttons a week before the incident. 

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Thankfully, Merseyside Police Officers have destroyed the dog and launched a probe to determine if it was an illegal breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. While the force spokesman had previously said they’re trying to establish the dog’s previous owners, it has now been confirmed that the dog was an American Bully

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A local told MailOnline: “Even an adult wouldn’t stand a chance against a dog like that.” They claimed Mr. Birch had allegedly shared photos of the American Bully on Facebook the week before the attack, but these have since been taken down. Equally, Bates has set up crowdfunding for funeral costs which raised over £2,100 in just 16hours. 

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She has also declared the family will hold a vigil at St. Helens Church on March 30th in the toddler’s memory and even changed her Facebook profile photo using an image of Bella-Rae. 

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In a statement released via Police from Bella-Rae’s family, they wrote that the toddler “will be sadly missed but never forgotten and are trying to come to terms with the tragic loss of our much-loved Bella-Rae.” However, at the press conference [pictured], Merseyside Police Superintendent Steve Brizell shared: “Bella-Rae has lost her life in the most unimaginably terrible circumstances.”

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Brizell added: “Our thoughts are first and foremost with the family and the wider community at this devastating time.”

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