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Famous YouTuber Caught Coaching Her Son, 9, To Cry Over Their Dying Dog


Famous YouTuber Caught Coaching Her Son, 9, To Cry Over Their Dying Dog

The morality of parenting Vlogs is questioned.

The beauty and lifestyle content creator, Jordan Cheyenne, has since 2013 been sharing vlogs about raising her son Christian as a single mother. However, a recent clip (now-deleted) that featured Jordan and her son hinged on their sick dog has been met with backlash on social media. As a result, the YouTuber has deleted her channel after mistakenly sharing an outtake where she coached her crying son on how to pose for a video thumbnail. 

In a clip (now-deleted), Jordan Cheyenne, pictured here with her son, shared that her family’s puppy was diagnosed with a deadly illness.

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Taking to YouTube, Jordan, in the clip titled: “We are heartbroken,” told her audiences that her family’s new puppy had been diagnosed with parvovirus. This condition can be fatal for unvaccinated dogs. When concluding, presumably when she intended to cut, she was noticed telling her son to pose for the camera as he wept. Jordan was heard saying: “Act like you’re crying.” Christian replied: “I am crying! I am actually, seriously sad.”

Christian, 9, was seen sobbing in the passenger seat as Jordan broke the news to her YouTube subscribers.

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However, Jordan got busted for coaching Christian to wail in a certain way and told him how to place his hand.

In response to the backlash, Jordan, who has since also branded herself as an Instagram growth coach, took to her website and claimed she would stop including her son in her YouTube videos. But then, the backlash didn’t stop. In a released statement to Insider, Jordan revealed she was pulling down her channel to focus on Christian’s health and wellbeing. “Getting completely offline, canceling all videos, and monetization and prioritizing my child is all I care about.” The statement read.

“Let them see your mouth. Look at the camera,” the vlogger told her son, Christian.

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It added: “I’m disgusted and horrified at what I did, and there is absolutely no excuse. It’s terrible on so many levels. I love my child more than anything and will regret this moment forever.” While the clip has been deleted on Jordan’s channel, it has been re-uploaded to different social media platforms. But on the day of the incident, Jordan had uploaded an updated clip where she said: “I am immensely disappointed in myself.”

Jordan has since faced a heated backlash and, as a result, said Christian will never be on YouTube again.

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“In the ending of the video, I was so emotionally out. I had Christian on my shoulder, and I was like, “come pose for the thumbnail with me” after the video. I shouldn’t have done that. I wish I could show us at the vet crying and being so emotional with everything that happened. But then, if did that, you know what people will say? Why are you filming your crying son? Why are you filming the emotional moment?” Jordan said, attempting to explain and excuse her behavior.

However, Twitter users have lambasted the behavior and questioned the morality of parenting Vlogs.

However, Jordan is the newest parenting YouTuber to be slammed. In 2020, Ruby and Kevin Franke of the channel 8 Passengers were accused of child abuse after their 15-Year-Old revealed he had been forced to sleep on a bean bag for months as punishment for pranking his brother. Similarly, YouTubers Ryan and Danielle got slammed for a creepy video prank where their daughter, 7, complained of cramps to her father and told him she’d had her first period.

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