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Petition To Get Amber Heard Removed From ‘Aquaman 2’ Has Reached 4 Million Signs


Petition To Get Amber Heard Removed From ‘Aquaman 2’ Has Reached 4 Million Signs

The petition is now aiming for 4.5 million signs.

A petition on requests that Amber Heard be removed from ‘Aquaman 2’ after the sequel was confirmed. The actress was set to reprise her role as directors appeared unperturbed over rumors of her being the abuser of actor Johnny Depp a year ago.

Warner Bros.

More people have come to Depp’s support and requested that Heard be removed from the sequel. Four million signatures have been acquired.

Depp, 58, has lost several roles, and as a financial analyst counted an estimated $40 million total loss from Depp, he filed a defamation lawsuit that blames Heard’s op-ed for The Washington Post.

The petition began in 2020 by writer Jeanne Larson after the actor lost his Grindelwald role in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise. The petition also quotes many incidents that had been reported in 2020, including finger-severing fights among the two during the time Depp was filming for the fifth movie of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’


During his trial, Depp said that Heard had allegedly thrown a vodka bottle that severed his middle finger in a fight.

AP, Reuters

He sued for $50 million in damage incurred from the loss but told the Fairfax court that he had lost “everything.” He continued, “At the end, I was broken.”

On the other hand, Heard denied ever throwing any bottles at her but throwing things to get away from the man who was hounding her. The contradicting stories between the two continue to be a hot topic of discussion among viewers.

Dr. Dawn Hughes, who worked as Heard’s psychologist in New York, had been invited on stage to give her testimony. She shared that Heard had told her of many claims of being sexually and physically abused in the hands of Depp.

However, Dr. Shannon Curry, who was invited by Depp’s side to provide her insight, condemned allowing one’s psychologist to give testimony as they’re prone to be biased toward their patient.


In her op-ed, Heard had claimed that he was a survivor of domestic violence and never named Depp. But the damage was incurred.


Heard’s attorneys, after arguing that his name was never mentioned, continued to use the free speech rights under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment to defend her.

Before this, Depp had lost a libel case against The Sun, who called him a ‘wife beater.’ But the team has arrived armed with much evidence that the public is heavily supporting Depp. Included were many voice recordings between the two where Heard explicitly stated that she’s “hit” him.

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