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30 People Shares Hilariously Worst Kitchen Designs Ever


30 People Shares Hilariously Worst Kitchen Designs Ever

Nobody will ever want to cook in these kitchens.

Some people just don’t have the gift of common sense and design. No, they don’t even have a decent capacity to design and build a decent kitchen. It goes beyond anyone’s understanding to just decide that the toilet has a place in the kitchen. And with the whole new ‘open concept’ thing, people are seriously running out of ways to stand out from the crowd.

These kitchen designs have certainly stood out thanks to how ridiculous they look. There is no more hope for humanity. We have degraded and should have stuck with campfires.

1. A toilet right in the middle of the kitchen.

Dovydas Skarolskis

2. This unnecessarily Victorian-style kitchen.


3. The kind of regrettable drunk decision couples make.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

4. This ‘lively’ kitchen. Enjoy your meal with dangling leaves on it.

5. The fact that someone has their piano HANGING is already weird.


6. Stop over-complicating things.


7. A $1 million loft in San Francisco has a diagonal supporting beam that simple stabs through the kitchen.


8. Someone feels the need to have their ideal women and favorite sports car etched on the window.


9. A failed space-saving effort in an apartment.


10. An open-concept kitchen that looks like this.


11. “I guess faux mold pattern will look great for my kitchen.”


12. Splendid cupboard designs. Those are beautiful… flowers? Bushes? Your guess.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

13. It fits all right. At the cost of functionality, though.

14. Someone’s taking a bath at the kitchen.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

15. ‘I’d like to have a whole room dedicated for the stove.’


16. Some people can’t afford much and it leads to a really cramped up kitchen/shower mix.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

17. Dinner table stacked like a pyramid.


18. Just two random columns with a lovely corner window.


19. Probably how the expression ‘butterfly in my stomach’ begins.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

20. ‘How chandeliers?’ Homeowner: Yes.


21. How not to English and kitchen utensils.


22. Another toilet lost in the kitchen.

23. It’s a beautiful counter until a monster decided to eat it.


24. Space-savings ends up wrong.

Chujowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

25. This looks like a nice bathroom until you see the oven right there.


26. They must have planned this whole scheme.


27. This one was also clearly planned ahead.

28. A completely random kitchen.


29. I clean my vegetables and fruits with washing machines.


30. Who needs sink and dishwasher when you can just use a shower?

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