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Dad Built A ‘Bi-Chair’ For His Bisexual Daughter, And The People Love It


Dad Built A ‘Bi-Chair’ For His Bisexual Daughter, And The People Love It

For people who can’t sit straight.

Few individuals tend to fight their hatred with logic, while others use humor. But have you ever imagined combining both logic and humor to fight for equal rights?

A father has combined both, and the result is brilliant. The dad built a Bi-Chair for his bisexual daughter mainly because she discovered that the stereotype that people, like her, can’t sit normally is quite hilarious.

Designed by Artist Má Matiazi and built by Israel Walker, the chair was tagged “For individuals who can’t sit straight.” It went viral, and the satirical project was also dubbed to be extremely creative.

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A sketch of the chair “for people who can’t sit straight was done by Artist Má Matiazi

Má Matiazi

And the stereotype that bisexuals can’t sit normal is widely known in the bi-community


The community itself spread the stereotype that bisexual people can’t sit normally. Earlier, Pink News wrote that the fact that bisexual people started the meme as part of their community’s humorous trend is self-disapproving stereotypes. The news agency added: “It’s one of the numerous stereotypes such that also include that bisexuals can’t ride a bike, do math equation and can’t drive.

With Matiazi’s design, Israel Walker built a Bi-Chair for his bisexual daughter

Má Matiazi
Má Matiazi
Má Matiazi

Seeking permission from Artist Matiazi to use her design, Walker’s post on Facebook has garnered over 390 comments, 2,300 likes, and shared over 3,300 times. Anyways, Walker has proven that a modern dad knows how to get the younger generation’s attention.

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