People Left Confused By The Balenciaga And Crocs Heel Collaboration

People Left Confused By The Balenciaga And Crocs Heel Collaboration

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High-end fashion is a weird place to end up at. Well, it’s true that mostly, only early adapters and filthy rich fashionistas enjoy shopping off the catwalk. But what would A-listers like Cardi B think about the new Balenciaga Crocs?

Stiletto Clogs. That’s the new footwear the collaboration came up with.

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We all share the same question as this user.


On their 2nd collab together, Creative Director Demna Gvasalia had given the Crocs a new height – literally – with a black tube of sorts. The shoes are part of Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 “Balenciaga Clones” Crocs collaboration, with no further details on the footwear that has been released yet.

One Crocs fan reacted negatively, “I love crocs, but a Balenciaga x Crocs collab is what we DON’T need.”

A classic pair of Crocs costs $49.99, while the platform Balenciaga Crocs release for Summer 2018 cost buyers $850 at retail.

Along with Stiletto Clogs are Knee-high Clogs that concerningly look a lot like rain shoes, as showcased by the models.

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Both shoes come in three colors: black, grey, and bright green.

Most of the reactions were filled with confusion and rejections.


You can check out their Spring 2022 Collection “Balenciaga Clones” showcase below.