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Brittany Aldean is Throwing Away Her Balenciaga Bags After Controversial Ad


Brittany Aldean is Throwing Away Her Balenciaga Bags After Controversial Ad

“It’s trash day.”

One by one, celebrities and influencers are reacting to the controversial ad Balenciaga recently released. Brittany Aldean has joined the rank of public figures who are openly calling out the company for the scandal, sharing snaps of herself throwing out her Balenciaga bags.

The wife of Jason Aldean was seen carrying the luxurious bags in transparent plastic bags while walking out.

Brittany Aldean burning her Balenciaga bags 1
Brittany Aldean is Throwing Away Her Balenciaga Bags After Controversial Ad 12

It came after the brand has been under fire for its newest ad campaign featuring children holding teddy bear bags in bondage. Many have dubbed it weird, with several referring to the uncouth pictures as disturbing.

Brittany captioned her post, “It’s trash day.”

She would’ve thrown away thousands of dollars worth of items if she truly dumped them in the garbage can. Her husband supported her choice, commenting, “Show ’em how to “walk the walk” babe!”

Brittany Aldean burning her Balenciaga bags 1 1
Brittany Aldean burning her Balenciaga bags 2

Her followers also approved her decisions with Elevate Beauty USA founder Amanda Ensing sharing, “Burning all mine to the ground!”

Her post largely resonated with how people are feeling since Balenciaga’s ad post. Despite their attempt in damage control and apologizing for the ads, many public figures are announcing how they’re cutting ties from the brand.

Balenciaga has deleted all of their posts and left only a single, apology letter for the public to address the controversies.

Several others recommended donating them to the homeless, like how one comment read, “If enough people give it to the homeless it’ll cheapen the brand.”

Another wrote, “If Brittany Aldean truly wants to throw out her (likely perfect condition) Balenciaga items, I hope she’s at least donating them to an organization that serves the communities she’s peacocking for to be put to good use.”

Her actions have also gotten people pressuring Kim Kardashian for her reaction. The avid Balenciaga user finally shared her thoughts.

She shared on Twitter, “I have been quiet for the past few days, not because I haven’t been disgusted and outraged by the recent Balenciaga campaigns, but because I wanted an opportunity to speak to their team to understand for myself how this could have happened.”

TMZ has also reported that Kim has turned down an ad deal with Balenciaga and refused to wear several Balenciaga outfits she was supposed to wear in upcoming events.

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