People Are Going Crazy For This Cadbury Caramilk Banana Cake Recipe

People Are Going Crazy For This Cadbury Caramilk Banana Cake Recipe

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Home bakers have been justifiably buying Caramilk chocolate blocks from the shelves of many supermarkets at an amazing rate. And this is mainly because Dole New Zealand has recently released a sumptuous recipe for a Caramilk Banana Bread Cake.

A stare at the cake will undeniably make you salivate and definitely worth going wild for. Sharing the recipe, the New Zealand fruits and vegetable supplier Dole revealed the banana cake needs just 12 basic ingredients, including ganache, vanilla buttercream icing, and chocolate bits.

New Zealand fruits and vegetable supplier Dole has released a sumptuous recipe for a Caramilk Banana Bread Cake

Other recipe includes Caster sugar, eggs, ripe bananas, Cadbury Caramilk, cream, milk, and vanilla extract. To make the cake, preheating the oven to 1800C is crucial before lining two cake tins with baking paper.

In a mixing container, the sugar and butter is to whisk together until its creamy, after which the whisking of eggs, one at a time with mashed bananas and vanilla extract follows. Accordingly, the baking soda should be dissolved in hot milk, added to the whisked mixture and stir together. Sieve in flour and baking powder, then fold gently into mixture until combined. Similarly, the mixture should be mixed into the prepared cake tins and smoothen on the top.

Pressing the squares of Caramilk chocolate into the batter, the banana cake should be baked for 45minutes until and the top is golden and springy when touched. Set aside the cake to cool in its tin before turning it out for complete cool.

To make the Caramilk ganache, gently heat the cream in a bain-marie over low heat until small bubbles start appearing. Gently remove the cream from the heat and add the chocolate, then stir till the chocolate is fully melted. Accordingly, allow the ganache to become glossy by using a whisk to combine.

Then cool the ganache in the fridge and stir as it will get thicken gradually – be aware it can take about two to three hours to get your desired texture. Next is to prepare the vanilla buttercream in a bowl, beat cream butter, vanilla, milk and icing sugar in an electric beater until fluffy and smooth.

To attain the cake, spread the ganache on the top before placing the second on top and ice with the vanilla buttercream icing. Sprinkle the remaining ganache over the cake and arrange the whole pieces of the Caramilk on top. Nevertheless, the recipe has since gone viral, with over 16K people responding to the shared recipe.

Below Are The Ingredients For The Dole Banana Caramilk Cake:

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