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People Are Doodling On Snake Photos And Its Hilariously Perfect!


People Are Doodling On Snake Photos And Its Hilariously Perfect!

Now they look so cute!

We know, we know. Snakes are scary, often portrayed deadly and are definitely not the type that snuggles and meow for food. But on the other hand, they are still animals who just happened to have a bad reputation that not ALL snakes have!

Venom, huge size, and deadly strikes are not the characteristics of all snakes neither do they hunt 24/7. Usually, after a big meal, these snakes will remain quiet and rest for a really long time. And during those times, as long as you don’t come out as offensive, they won’t even bother with you.

Green Lemon has found people who have been doodling adorable ‘snek’ and give them arms to show what they might be thinking about.

1. Hey, bud!

2. *Sigh* My crush never calls me back.

3. Uh, coffee to wake me up.

4. Saxy snek.

5. Can you please not disturb my sleep? Geez, some people!

6. Senpai noticed me!


7. Eh-heh… I’m really shy…


8. Hmm…


9. How many times have mom told you to clean your room?!


10. If Julie Andrews was a snake:

11. And old Grandslither from Santiago.


12. Why? Why?! Tell me why!


13. ‘BOO!’


14. Where do you keep my treats, Karen?


15. I’m stronk, come and get me!

Haroldas Katilius

16. He drummin’, he rollin’!

Violeta Draseikatitė

17. What are you looking at?!

18. Screw you!


19. Fist bump, bro!


20. This snek having doubts about your life plan.


21. When I was young…


22. Yes, this is interesting indeed.

Aušrys Uptas

23. Yup. Is grass.

24. Ya have some problem with me?!

Justinas Keturka

25. Uh-huh, is that why you stood me up on our date?


26. DAB.

hardy reptiles

27. Imma shower for 5 mins.


28. Give. Me. Food!


29. Harry Potter as a snake.


30. Let me at ’em!

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