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Only_fans Star’s Rent Doubled After Landlord Did A Fake Inspection


Only_fans Star’s Rent Doubled After Landlord Did A Fake Inspection

“I’m proud of what I do, I wasn’t hiding anything.”

Polish model Romi Chase was annoyed by her landlord, who raised her rent more than twice its original price just because he found out that she makes quite the buck on her OnlyFans platform.

The 29-year-old shared that the Miami property she rented originally cost her $2,300 before the owner raised it to $4,800. Surprised at the sudden rise, she decided to share the unsavory story with her followers.

The teacher-turned-glam model made roughly $1 million in the first year she switched her full-time career to the subscription-based platform. With her presence in the adult world rising, she’s also been maintaining her Instagram account that had links to her OnlyFans account.

She remembered when the landlord stepped into her place, “He told me he found my Instagram, went through all of my links and my OnlyFans. He actually didn’t inspect anything, he walked in and paced around, and I’m like ‘ok, what’s happening?’, he wasn’t actually looking at anything.”

“All of a sudden, he’s like ‘I found you on Instagram’, I’m like ‘oh, OK’,” she recalled what happened. “I was astounded, completely taken aback, and put on the spot, to say the least.”

“He definitely made the impression that he didn’t take kindly or approve of how I make a 100 percent legal living.”

She continued, “He had an attitude, I could feel him judging and looking down on me, but I chalked it up to being from a different generation with a different set of values.”

And while she doesn’t explain the reason the landlord had for doubling her rent price tag, Romi wasn’t about to just settle with it. She’s moved out.

“Why allow this kind of twisted shame game for a home that is lovely but not worth that price tag?” she rebelled. “I’m proud of what I do; I wasn’t hiding anything. I can’t help but wonder if my landlord, in his research, became an OnlyFans customer and enjoyed my work!”

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