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Nike’s $3,000 ‘Jesus Shoes’ Filled With Holy Water Sold Out In Minutes


Nike’s $3,000 ‘Jesus Shoes’ Filled With Holy Water Sold Out In Minutes

Featured a bible verse and frankincense-scented soles.

A brand has given a few lucky individuals an opportunity to walk on water with the addition of little spirituality to their design.

Coming out after a limited edition of ‘Jesus Shoes’ filled with holy water and blessed by a priest was released, valued at $3000, a lot of individuals are willing to pay even huge amounts in a bid to elevate their shoe close with such a creative and spiritual design.

A pair of $3,000 Nike sneakers filled with holy water and blessed by a priest sold out in minutes after been launched on Tuesday 

Despite the skyrocketing price tag, the shoes were hurriedly sold out in minutes after being unveiled by a Brooklyn-Based Company, MSCHF.

In an effort to create the aptly branded ‘Jesus Shoes, the company got a pair of the classic Nike Air Max 97s and did a  religious refurbish by filling the sneakers transparent air-filled sole with holy water sourced from the Jordan River as well as colored the same part in order to make it visible.

The shoes are filled with holy water sourced from the Jordan River in Israel

There is a crucifix attached to the laces of one of the sneakers, as well as a single drop of blood on each tongue, representing the blood of Christ 

Adding more twist, the brand equally added some other spiritual elements to the design, including a single blood drop, representing Jesus Christ, and a bible verse –Mathew 14:25 in black writing on the side of the shoe.

The MSCHF designers equally added a crucifix logo onto the laces of one of the shoes and a red insole, meant to represent the red papal shoes worn traditionally outside by a Pope.

A red insole is meant to represent the shoe worn traditionally by the Pope when outside 

The brand also unveiled campaign imagery to generate interest in the sneakers

The aim of the release was to mock the ‘absurdity’ of collaboration culture, the MSCHF Head of Commerce explained

While a limited of just 24 pairs were released, the sole of each shoe was also scented with frankincense, which was one among the three gifts given to baby Jesus. Accordingly, the image of an angel was added to the packaging box alongside a seal modeled after a Papal seal.

The final touch on the sneaker design was to add a bible verse – Matthew 14:25

The shoes have proved to be controversial on social media, with some blasting the idea, while others have praised it

However, aside from spreading out spiritual messages to the world, the company’s major goal with the release of the shoes was to make a mockery of the ‘absurd collaboration culture.’

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