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Next-Gen Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Been Leaked And It’s As Predicted


Next-Gen Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Been Leaked And It’s As Predicted


Samsung Galaxy Fold launch was a pretty much successful feat considering how long they’ve put it on hold. But it was soon to be beaten as Motorola is also planning to launch their own killer movie. The Motorola Razr release date is 2020 and its fans just can’t wait to have this old model to be revived with the newest technology.

It seems that Samsung isn’t backing off at all – they are going with the exact same flip phone design as shown in the leaks posted by Ice Universe.

But it did not come as a surprise for those who’ve been keeping track of Samsung’s press conference and mockup models.

Leaked images show that the new Galaxy Fold looks similar to Samsung’s previous Galaxy S series with its bezel. The difference here is that the bezel has a purposed to prevent the screen from touching each other when you close it as they surround the smartphone like a small bump.

With dual rear-camera, fans can guess that this phone is not receiving flagship lenses. It doesn’t seem to be serving an on-screen fingerprint sensor as well and opts for a side-mounted model.

When folded, it turns into a smaller square phone which definitely fits anyone’s pocket. It certainly reminds us of a day when our mobile phone could easily fit our tight pockets instead of the giant size we seem to get used to today.

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