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Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Now Available In Korea With 5G


Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Now Available In Korea With 5G

The future is here, finally.

It’s finally in September! About time for the new foldable phone category to launch. After a series of setbacks, we’re finally able to get an official launch and release, at least in its home country, South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Now Available In Korea With 5G

Ever since Spring, the developers have seemed to be very careful when it comes to fixing bugs, refining and making sure it’s the best thing ever. It won’t be called the first foldable phone ever, but Samsung wants to make sure it’s the best. Pre-order is available in Korea now at 2,398,000 won or about 2,000 USD.

Check out the long 3 and a half minute long introduction for the new Samsung Galaxy Fold.

For South Korea’s release, however, there will only be a 5G model with 512 GB storage. It comes with Fold Advantage+ program that will cover up to 70% of the display repair costs.

In the US, the Galaxy Fold is expected to arrive in two weeks, but details about 5G, 4G or screen replacements were not revealed.

Tweaks have been made to the phone on the vulnerable hinges to prevent dust collection, on the 7.3″ Infinity Flex protector and basically reinforcements to create something that lasts. It’s also revealed the Fold will be released with Android 9.0 instead of the new Android 10.

Check here out for more about specs, price, and colors.

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