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Samsung Releases A New Foldable Concept Preview


Samsung Releases A New Foldable Concept Preview

It’s basically a flip phone, but with all-screen.

Recently, attendees of the SDC19 were shown a sneak-peek on Samsung’s next foldable project. The preview shows a concept smartphone that looks similar to a Samsung Galaxy S11, but with the notch moved to the middle like their Note’s model.

Their first foldable phone had the size of a smartphone, but with 2-3 times the thickness of one. Samsung was showing off their One UI 2 when they also announced their new mockup. This next project brings them to design a more compact size foldable smartphone.

It has a similar look and feel of a flip phone.

Samsung did not include any details regarding the design or even announce it as the official Galaxy Fold 2. Recently, Motorola has also announced that they are taking a step forward to entering the foldable category and bringing their Razr back to life.

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