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NETFLIX STAR Anna Delvey Shows Sketches She Created In Jail At NYC Art Exhibition


NETFLIX STAR Anna Delvey Shows Sketches She Created In Jail At NYC Art Exhibition

“My narrative from my perspective.”

Anna Sorokin appeared at her art show held in Manhattan while she was being detained by US Customs and Immigration Enforcement. Sorokin – who goes around scamming people as the self-proclaimed heiress Anna Delvey – is currently fighting against a deportation order to fly her back to Germany.

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The con artist was charged and served four years in prison after making $275k from grifting people and businesses for years.

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Nicole Rivelli / Netflix / Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

Now a 31-year-old, her life story has been documented in a Netflix show titled “Inventing Anna,” and she recently also started an art show where she shows things she drew during her time detained.

She spoke in an alleged video appearance of hers, “Hi everyone, Anna Delvey here.”

“I’m so very excited to unveil my first ever art collection titled ‘Allegedly.’ This is a collection of sketches I created while in ICE Orange County Detention.”

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“I studied fashion administration in Paris and haven’t really sketched until my trial. You’ve heard so many voices already, but this is the beginning of me telling my story, my narrative from my perspective.”

She ended the video, “I hope you guys enjoy the show.”

Her “abstract” art pieces are priced at $10,000 each.

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Guests can also enjoy drinks at the art show where an open bar is also present to enjoy the “Anna on ICE” cocktail.

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This marks her second art show after her March exhibition titled “Free Anna” on the Lower East Side which featured her pieces during the time she was in prison. She shared, “I wanted to capture some of the moments of the past years, both never-seen-before and iconic, using the limited tools I have at my disposal.”

“Some of the pieces are straightforward, others are more abstract and will be unique in meaning and appearance to the observer.”

Her art salesman Chris Martine spoke about her artwork, “A lot of times artwork is more than the visual element, but the story behind it which is what people really buy.”

“If you look at her sketches, she has legitimate talent.”

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