'My Place Vs His Place': Girlfriends Are Showing How Different Boyfriends' House Are

‘My Place Vs His Place’: Girlfriends Are Showing How Different Boyfriends’ House Are

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We are always against generalizing genders and their personalities. But without a doubt, there are more men out there than women who are into keeping their room neat. Unless you’re one of those guys who are into building your own man cave, it’s highly probably you don’t really pay attention to details.

It’s not that you’re dirty or a couch potato, you just don’t see the significance of paying attention to these things. On the other hand, women really love making things look pretty, moving the pot 3 cm to the side for that satisfying perfect look.

TikTok user @madelynkrueger has a boyfriend. She thinks this is high-time to show what it is like to stay with him.

Obviously, we don’t really expect much from guys. After all, being neat is not their forte most of the time. But the body washes, the empty junk food packaging, the grimes in the shower, this place needs a lot of work. This video has been viewed over 2.8 million times and over 245k people can absolutely relate.

She is not alone. Other women began to join in the trend and showed how different their man’s house is.

These men really only have the essentials in their fridge, as if variety proves to be useless. We can only imagine how that towel smells, the disgusting kind…

And NOBODY uses their toothpaste like that. Is she dating a monster?!

One word: EW.


when it’s you’re turn to spend the night at his place🙃 #fyp

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How do you let so much trash pile up? How do you even live knowing that your home is a cluster of mess where nothing is stored properly? Knowing your woman is coming around, can’t you at least take the trash out? Why?

Your drawers can’t even close properly anymore.

This guy took the trash out all right.

There is one similarity with all these men, it almost feels like they’re dating the same people. Please take out your trash and throw away those empty cans of beers. No, women are not your housekeeper, you keep your own house clean.