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‘My Date Called Me Rude & Cheap Because I Let Him Pay For Dinner And Drinks’


‘My Date Called Me Rude & Cheap Because I Let Him Pay For Dinner And Drinks’

Things can get pretty awkward when it comes to who pays for who.

One woman strongly believed her first date went exceptionally well after meeting with a guy via a dating app. She and the guy went for dinner together, and from there on, things hit it off. The pair got along so well that they even met up for a second date. 

Nik matched with a guy on a dating site and instantly hit it off when they went out for dinner & drinks.

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However, things took a twist when Nik’s date went away for a work trip, and he stopped replying to her text messages. So, she was pretty baffled when the guy texted her several weeks later, on Christmas day, wishing her a merry Christmas and apologizing for his late response.

But unfortunately, their romance headed into a crash after the guy named Josh showed his true self.  

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According to Nik, they made plans to have a second date the Sunday after Josh returned home from a work trip.  

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“Hey, I’m sorry for the incredibly late and borderline rude reply. I don’t want you to think I’m ghosting you or didn’t have a really great time with you. How was your Christmas?!!” The guy had texted. Not satisfied by his attempt at an apology, Nike instantly replied. 

When she texted him to see if he still wanted to see her that Sunday, he never replied to her messages. 


& this is why dating is miserable

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However, he ended up texting her on Christmas Day, saying he was sorry for the ‘incredibly late’ reply.   

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Her response read: “Are we going to pretend [you] didn’t just completely disappear when we were supposed to see each other last Sunday? I get it. Life gets busy, but you totally could’ve at least just communicated with me instead of leaving me in the dark.”

Not satisfied with his apology, Nik politely pointed out that he had blown off their second date. 

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This was when he accused her of taking advantage of him financially, saying he was looking for a woman who innately felt the need to pay for what they ordered or at least offered without assuming.

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The guy then replied and told Nik he had been having doubts because she “excused herself to go to the bathroom when the check came for dinner and then also drinks.” He wrote: “I hate it when girls do that. It’s exceptionally rude and cheap and disrespectful, and I felt like you didn’t care despite what I felt from you.”

The date had claimed she picked the restaurant and ordered what she liked without offering to pay, but Nik said he was the one who made the reservation.

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Nike responded, telling him it had never been her intention to avoid the bill and that she was using the toilet before leaving, but that didn’t stop her date from ranting. The guy also responded: “I know it’s probably ridiculous to you, but one of the traits I’m looking for in a woman is for them to innately feel the need to pay for what they ordered or at least offer without assuming I’ll cover it.”

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“Don’t pretend like you didn’t watch me pay for your drink in the A and B; it’s 10 dollars and means nothing to me, but you discarded any self-respect [for] me for it after [doing] that same [thing] at dinner. Just because I have a f****** trust fund doesn’t [mean] I like using it to cover other girls’ drinks. It’s so rude. Merry Christmas, and I’m happy you got your commission.”

She backed up her claim by sharing a screenshot of their text exchange before the date.

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As it appears, the duo might not be seeing each other again. At the beginning of her TikTok clip, Nik explained what happened during their first date. She revealed they spent six hours together after making a reservation for a restaurant he chose. After dinner, Nik said they walked around the little town and ended up getting some ice cream, which she indeed paid for. 

So far, people in the comments have insisted the man was broke and lied about having a trust fund. 

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