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Mr. Beast’s Girlfriend Says Dating Him Is ‘Super Anxiety Provoking’ As Haters Called Her ‘Gold Digger’


Mr. Beast’s Girlfriend Says Dating Him Is ‘Super Anxiety Provoking’ As Haters Called Her ‘Gold Digger’

The published author addressed the accusations.

When you’re dating a well-known content creator, you’re bound to get a lot of attention as a result. That’s what Thea Booysen enjoys as the girlfriend to Mr. Beast, who now has over 113 million subscribers on YouTube.

As the girlfriend of a well-off man, she’s bound to enjoy the perks and showed it from her social media posts after multiple vacation trips. However, fame is a double-edged sword, and it also comes with scrutiny from the masses, who accused her as a “gold digger.”

She spoke about the criticisms she’s been getting in “Wide Awake” podcast and how she’s been getting anxiety from the exposure.

She said, “Going out as Mr. Beast’s [girlfriend] was super anxiety-provoking. You get common sayings like, ‘Oh, she’s gonna break his heart,’ or, ‘She’s gonna be a gold digger.'”

While negative things are still negative, she learned not to take them seriously. She added, “I don’t take it seriously at all like, I know this is the process that’s going to take place as people are going to assume the worst of course. They don’t even know [me].”

Thea got to know the 24-year-old streamer on a trip to South Africa with mutual friends. They got together earlier this year.

Mr. Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, recently also spoke on the Flagrant podcast, “I had dinner with a friend, and her friend, Thea, just stopped by, and within five seconds, I was like, holy s**t, this girl is beautiful.”

“But I have to go through the tests because like, I don’t really get along with women if they don’t love learning, if they’re not obsessive, and if they don’t have a hobby. There are just certain things where if you have these traits. But we get along really well.”

He initially “put her through the wringer,” but changed his mind immediately when she said she was an author.

“I was like, ‘F**k, yeah.’ She likes learning, and she has multiple degrees. You can tell she likes learning, she’s about to get a neuroscience degree just for fun, not even to get a job.”

“And so she was like, checking all the boxes, and I have like, these 10 things … if I meet a girl that’s like, beautiful, and they have these 10 traits, like, we’re gonna be literally best friends, right? She checked every single one of them.”

Their first red carpet debut was in April when the couple attended the Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

And since then, they’ve gone on trips and vacations together, from Las Vegas to the Maldives.

Thea is also a published author whose most recent work was ‘The Marked Children published in August.

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