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Motorola Razr’s Display Cracked, Peeling From The Fold And It’s Unacceptable


Motorola Razr’s Display Cracked, Peeling From The Fold And It’s Unacceptable

Definitely should not be an issue of a $1,500 smartphone.

Foldable phones sound like an incredible breakthroughs and will change the playing field of the smartphone market. Right? Well, Motorola Razr has definitely failed at that.

Motorola Razr has been hyped by fans as it’s reviving one of their most favorite classic flip phone with modern technology. When you pay $1,000+, though, the last thing you really need is for it to start cracking after folding them for some time.

Well, the reality is often disappointing.

Raymond Wong from Input was heading out to capture some selfies and comparison pictures with the new Motorola Razr. Like any normal smartphone users would do, he flipped it and kept it in his front pocket as he commutes through the subway.

He even managed to take pictures with it a few times and showed it to a friend. But then, he noticed it.

“Sometime during my 45-minute train ride from Queens to Manhattan that left at 3:08 p.m. ET, the Razr’s display peeled apart at the fold. When I took out the phone at around 3:43 p.m. ET to snap a few selfie comparison photos, I noticed the air gap.”

You’d think that having used a plastic screen would make the screen more flexible. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Wong is even worried about flipping the phone because it widens the crack and this isn’t just impacting its appearance.

Wong explained that it made the touchscreen on that section completely unresponsive even when you’re scrolling. The rest of the screen in which the ‘lamination’ is still intact still works fine.

Literally anyone’s face when faced with this predicament.

Wong doesn’t know what caused this, but his best guess was that he brought it outside when it was 28-30F and then into his warm apartment. It may cause the adhesive to loosen up under the temperature.

Wong isn’t the only one disappointed with the foldable phone. Another user shares a brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cracked on its first flip.

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