Motorola releases a video on caring for their new foldable phone, Razr.

Motorola Shares Tips On How Users Can Care For Their New Razr

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Motorola has finally resurrected the Razr as the first foldable phone designed like a clam-shell or flip phone model. But like every new technology, people need proper guidance to help care for their new $1,000+ smartphone to last as long as possible.

Motorola released a “Caring for Razr” video that helps people maintain their new phones. As early adopters of these foldable phones, it goes without saying that you will find a lot of flaws and bumps while using the phone.

Motorola’s new Razr is still far from the perfect foldable phone. The video says that the screen is made to bend, so ‘bumps and lumps are normal’. It also adds the obvious advice to ‘avoid sharp objects’. It also added that the screen has a protective coating and does not require a screen protector.

One should also close the phone before putting them in your pocket or purse. Wiping with a dry cloth is also enough when you get water on the water-repellent phone.

All this advice sounds pretty plausible and is honestly better than the bits and pieces that we get from different experts over the years of using a smartphone. It also reminds us that these phones are still in very early stages and will definitely get more durable in time with fewer things to pay attention to.