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Galaxy Z Flip ‘Ultra-Thin Glass’ Fails Durability Test… On Fingernails


Galaxy Z Flip ‘Ultra-Thin Glass’ Fails Durability Test… On Fingernails

Last thing we need is this.

The last thing you want to accidentally do to your  $1,379.99 Galaxy Z Flip is to leave a permanent mark on the screen with your nails. Any woman who leaves their nails to grow slightly longer can confirm that they will always end up scratching the screen with their nails.

But, uh, a most recent durability test by Zack Nelson shows Samsung Galaxy Z Flip unable the withstand the slightest pressure and actually BENDS under it.

So, Samsung has been dubbing its new woman-targeted Z Flip clamshell model to be made of “Ultra-Thin Glass”. We can’t really differentiate the looks between plastic and glass for quite a while now, so there’s one way to know. Actually two, if you’re there during production… but anyway…

On his YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, the test has been quite frustrating to watch because it’s so flexible, it’s so not glass at all.

The same thing happened with Motorola Razr which had a plastic screen.

If Samsung continues to insist and prove that it is indeed made of only glass, we have to say it survived the reverse bending pretty well.

So-called ‘Ultra-Thin Glass’ did not snap even when the frame and power button did. They could be using a sort of hybrid between glass and plastic, but there is by no means are they using pure-glass that is scratch-resistant…

And end up with this typical damage seen on plastic screen.

But, on the good side, it’s back purple/blue panel, rear camera, as well as front camera’s viewfinder, are scratch-resistant. Definitely a cool feature.

In addition, the dust-resistant new hinge design actually did quite a great job of keeping the dust out from the phone. We’ll definitely give Samsung that.

Still, the fact that fingernails can easily leave permanent scratch marks is very discouraging.

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