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Mom’s Viral Post Reveals You Shouldn’t Visit Someone Who Just Gave Birth


Mom’s Viral Post Reveals You Shouldn’t Visit Someone Who Just Gave Birth

Very correct – New Mothers needs all the attention too!

The news of a bouncing baby girl/boy/twins being born is really a big moment for the parents as well as for many others who aren’t biologically related.

Friends, Aunts, Uncle, Grandmas, Grandpas, and almost all relatives want to catch up with a glimpse of the bundle of joy. Nevertheless, in all of the jubilation, we (humans) tend to forget the person they should be paying the most attention to – The Mother. Honestly, a lack of attention for new mothers can really wear them down.

Understanding this, the creator of Twins and Their Big Sister, Katie Bowman recently wrote an amazing heart-touching text, revealing the importance of rest for new mothers. Posted on her blog named ‘Living My Family Life’ Bowman’s post was welcomed by thousands of women and definitely it’s a read for everyone planning to visit new parents in a hospital.

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Bowman believes it’s normal for people to be happy about a new baby as well as listen to what the new mum wants. ‘It’s a very special moment and everybody wants to get involved. But I think the overwhelming excitement can many at times cloud their judgment and they try to justify that seeing the newly born baby is more significant than giving attention to the mother.’ Bowman said when speaking to Bored Panda on the Subject matter.

Bowman revealed a new mom can do to get away from the above scenario, by asking for space or by demanding attention when people don’t want to listen.

‘For my second pregnancy as compared to the first where people celebrated the life of our daughter, we agreed we probably wouldn’t want visitors at the hospital at this time, most especially with two babies. I knew I wasn’t going to put on a brave face to welcome anyone, so I felt great and prepared to see the family the following morning.’ Bowman added.

However, People Reacted Positively To Bowman’s Message:

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