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Mom’s Strict Food Rules For Quarantine Is Praised – Especially Rule 4


Mom’s Strict Food Rules For Quarantine Is Praised – Especially Rule 4

Don’t dare go near those CADBURY Eggs!

Every human being on planet Earth is doing everything in their capacity to make sure their cupboards and fridges stocked pile amid quarantine fears.

These human beings include a brilliant mom who created a set of strict pantry rules to make sure her family doesn’t consume all of the food in the house.

She dubbed her rules: ‘New Pantry Rules For Coronavirusgedden’ & anonymously uploaded the photo online. The mom’s list was tapped inside her cupboard and did set out what food could be touched and couldn’t be consumed during these unparalleled times.

‘No one goes into the pantry for food and snacks without asking first. No willy nilly pantry visitation is permitted.’ The first rules read.

She added that no one should also open a new box of cereal, not until the old boxes are eaten. The 3rd rule said under no circumstances can anyone reach out for food in the cupboard unless a piece of vegetable, fruit or a cup of yogurt has been taken first.

Interestingly, her 4th rule proved to be a firm favorite amongst Facebook users. It reads: ‘If anyone touches or perhaps eats my CADBURY Eggs, the person is going to wish to have coronavirus and died.’ Hilarious, right?

Reacting, a user said: ‘Rule 4 needs to be in size 100 fonts for me to read.’ Another added: ‘Please, read rule 4 more than once okay. thanks.

The mom’s post has, however, since garnered over 2500 reactions, 950 comments, and 1600 shares, with many applauding the mom’s hilarious concept.

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