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Chocolate Lovers ‘Disgusted’ After Realizing How Much Sugar Is Used In Cadbury’s Crème Egg


Chocolate Lovers ‘Disgusted’ After Realizing How Much Sugar Is Used In Cadbury’s Crème Egg

That much sugar is bad for one’s teeth!

Sadly, a lot of the most delicious snacks on the shelves of malls/supermarkets are majorly filed with preservatives and sugars. And whilst it’s a common understanding that chocolate isn’t the healthiest foods, Cadbury’ Crème Eggs are exceptionally lenient.  

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Cadbury on its website revealed each 40g Crème Egg contains 177kcal, 0.06g salt, whooping 26.5g sugar, 3.7g saturates and 6.1g fat. All of the numbers, however, don’t really mean much. Proofing its 26.5g sugar content, people decided to take a look at what that much sugar really appears like – it’s upsetting.

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NHS, in particular, advised anyone under the age of 11 to reduce daily sugar intake to 30g, hence just one tea with one sugar in for 24hours. As a means of comparison, KitKat chocolate has 25g Dairy Milk, 25g Aero, and 10.6g Sugar.

Reacting, some users were outraged, while a few admitted it won’t stop them from continuous digging.  Social media users have been speaking up after the analysis at realizing how sugary they are.

‘So, this is how much of the sugar that’s in one little crème egg. Imagine that – no white teeth for you.’ A user wrote.

A second added: ‘Wowsers! That’s sincerely a lot of sugar. I so much love taking Crème egg, but this is upsetting.’

A third wrote: ‘F**ck off, there’s 26g of sugar in a crème egg…’ while a fourth commented doing some math: ’15 eggs per big egg half is 90tsp sugar. 30 eggs are automatically 180tsps sugar – almost a bag of sugar. Really hardcore!’

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