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Mom’s Sizzling Response To Ex’s Text Is Giving Internet Users The #DivorceGoals


Mom’s Sizzling Response To Ex’s Text Is Giving Internet Users The #DivorceGoals

Know your worth, treat yourself right and be happy!

Divorce can be a good thing, and it can also be a bad thing! Either of the two, the Divorce subject might not be the most popular opinion, we’ll ever write on this platform.

Well – Divorce is not a decision any human being comes to take lightly. It certainly requires spending time thinking about the journey so far and looking forward to the future.

Many at times, things get to the point where couples become toxic for each other. Even when one of the pair tries to keep things civil for the sake of the marriage, the frustrating daily scene can result in the signing of divorce papers.

Here’s an example:

Ex- Former Hubby Saved As Bald Ex-Husband Tried Sending Sharon B A Scathing Final Text, And Behold She Got The Perfect Response

Instagram | @transformationfeed

Having ended their 10-years old relationship, the Bald ex-husband wanted to deliver one last punch, but Sharon wasn’t planning to have any of it.

The Text Exchange Shared Online By Sharon’s Kid Has Turned Sharon Into A Celebrity

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

Internet users are finding and following Sharon on Instagram and now, she has garnered over 300k followers.

Specifically, She Got Two Different Kinds Of Post

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

Sharon was encouraging women to stop wasting time with men who wouldn’t respect them as well as bragged about how much of her ex-husband money she’s spending.

Apparently, Sharon Is A Living, Breathing Embodiment Of The #WasteHisTime2018

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

And hey, she does knows how to dish it out.

We Understand You Have Enough Reason To Love Sharon B, But Here’s Another

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

She Hasn’t Gotten Any Calmer About Her Ex And Obviously She’s Still Working Through Some Of The Experience He Put Her Through

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

Sharon revealed her ex-husband didn’t like her outfit, so she went on to purchase a new one with the credit card he left at her place.

Sharon Want People To Know She’s Having Fun!

And She Knows 2018 Was For The Girls

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

Sharon is also encouraging women all across the world to know their worth and to not permit anyone to steal a moment they didn’t earn.

She Out Now Giving Herself The Permission To Be A Queen

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

We All Can’t Say What Actually Happened, But In All, She’s Feeling Owed

Her Message Is About Treating Yourself Right And Being Happy

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Users Are Flocking To Sharon B And Inspired By Her

Instagram | @roseofsharonb

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