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Moms & Dads Love This $27 Dyson Vacuum For Kids That Actually Cleans The Floor


Moms & Dads Love This $27 Dyson Vacuum For Kids That Actually Cleans The Floor

Satisfy their curiosity, teach responsibility while kicking back and relaxing.

Kids are always curious about everything. They want to try what the adults, especially their parents, are doing, imitating their parents from arguing to cleaning. And while their enthusiasm is very great, we just can’t let them clean as the tools are not appropriate for them.

On the other hand, there are kids that avoid helping around the house at all costs. What can parents do to raise their kids to be responsible and a good helper?

But say no more: this $27 Dyson vacuum cleaner is actually made for kids!

The manufacturer of this mini-replica of a Dyson ball vacuum is Casdon.

It has the sound, the shape, and even the feel. Best of all? It does its job!

The feeling of actually seeing those dust and debris picking up will definitely give that achieving sensation to the kids. The mini upright vacuum turns as well.

The manufacturer lists a lot of benefits to this, but we know several things for sure.

It gives your kids the right tool to clean with. It encourages them to actually help you clean.

Kids love it, no complaints about that side. The only problem is that parents don’t think the suction works that great. But hey, it’s $27!

Check out the toy vacuum cleaner in action!

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