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Mom Blow Dried Her Hair And Fake Tanned Before Labour As She Wanted To ‘Look Good’


Mom Blow Dried Her Hair And Fake Tanned Before Labour As She Wanted To ‘Look Good’

The makeover included a mani-pedi, blow-dried hair, and a fake tan, among others.

Sydney-based Indy Clinton and her husband Ben welcomed their baby girl, Bambi Valentine, on October 14th. And in the hours leading to the birth, the Australian new mum ensured she beautified herself with a pampering session of makeover that included a fake tan, manicure, pedicure, and blow dry.

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Her first stop was a mani-pedi with a pale pink tint for her fingernails and an orange shade for her toes. 

Indy’s next stop was Woolworth, where she selected snacks before returning home to apply some Bondi Sands fake tan and wash her hair. She said of the mani-pedi in a TikTok that captured the whole process: “God, that was a waste of $40; it doesn’t look like anything has changed. But I did go wild on my toes though and I went orange.” 

Mom Blow Dried Her Hair And Fake Tanned Before Labour As She Wanted To 'Look Good'

The mom-of-two asked her followers if she should wear a bra during her induction, but most seemed torn over how to receive her pre-labor makeover. 

She explained she wore the hospital gown while giving birth to her son Navy and, at the time, felt her shoulders looked broad without a bra. She continued: “Hair is washed now. I’m just moisturizing my face quickly. Then I’ll fake tan. My induction is not tonight. Also, if someone asks why I’m fake tanning for labor, do I want to look ugly when I’m pushing out a child from my….”

Indy gave birth the following day, announcing, “Our daughter is here” on Instagram with a photo of the tiny newborn cradled up in her arms. 

In response to her TikTok, some of her followers expressed how split they are on the time-consuming regime, with one stating: “This is the kind of messaging you need to think about before saying when you have such a large platform.” Another said: “This is the kind of sh*t that made me feel addicted to and dependent on fake tan to feel beautiful for 12 years.” 

A third stated: “Saying you don’t want to look ugly when you’re about to push a baby because you don’t have fake tan on, in other words, because you’ll be pale is so detrimental.”

A few appeared supportive of the decision to feel good, sharing they’d done a similar routine pre-labor. One woman wrote: “Looking hot in labor gets a huge tick of approval from this doula.” Another wrote: “I did this exact same thing before my induction! I hope your birth goes well.” However, Indy had reportedly plucked her husband’s eyebrow on her way to the hospital, insisting he couldn’t have a unibrow while she was in labor


I’m ready!!!! now just waiting on one thing… 🤔

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And at the hospital, the new mom claimed she couldn’t help but re-apply her makeup while having contractions.

Mom Blow Dried Her Hair And Fake Tanned Before Labour As She Wanted To 'Look Good'

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