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Woman In Labor Stressing Out Over Texting Her Boss Why She Can’t Come Into Work Goes Viral


Woman In Labor Stressing Out Over Texting Her Boss Why She Can’t Come Into Work Goes Viral

And she didn’t get any maternity leave.

When in labor, a mother has to pay attention to how they’re feeling. They want to be as comfortable as possible and not feel too nervous about it. But a mother got distracted because he was overthinking the email she had to send out to her boss as she needed time off. After all, she’s having a child.

The viral clip showed her reading her email to her partner to ask what he thought about it.

“I am in labor. I just got admitted to the hospital — smiley face. Would it be OK if my mom or brother picked up my paycheck tomorrow — question mark,” she readout. While overthinking emails sent to your superiors isn’t new, considering she’s literally giving birth, she has something way more important to think about.

Her clip appears to be something many mothers can totally relate to.

@mpmoney27 labor is stressful, calling out is even more stressful #pregnancy #birth original sound – marissa

You’re expected to work like everyone else, but outside the workplace, people also assume that you’ll take full care of raising the kids and handling house chores. The fact that you get paid maternity leave seems unfair for many.

Marissa filmed this last July when she had her first child with her boyfriend, Charles.

Marissa reveals that she works as an employee of a coffee shop at the drive-thru. She said, “I went into labor at 2 a.m. on a day that I was scheduled to work at 10 a.m. I was overthinking this text message to my boss mainly because I have anxiety.”

More people than we can imagine relate to feeling anxious about work while in labor. Some even shared their experiences.

Marissa added that she was about ten days early from her due date, and it was uncommon for a first-time mom. She admitted that she was just anxious about the whole situation despite knowing that her boss wouldn’t be upset about it.

Marissa and her boyfriend did not get parental leave, but Marissa felt grateful enough that her co-workers were willing to cover her for her shifts that day.

Marissa Peirce

And that goes to show how low the bar is for workers in many workplaces as parents don’t even get day-offs to welcome their firstborn.

Marissa Peirce

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