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Mom Shares Amazing Christmas Hack To Prevent Kids From Begging For Toys In Shops


Mom Shares Amazing Christmas Hack To Prevent Kids From Begging For Toys In Shops

Save more with Ms. Kristina’s genius trick!

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

The most challenging time for parents. Malls are placing up Christmas Decorations and children are quickly observing them. Most especially in the toy section, the decorations are beginning to champion their desire for gifts and gadgets.

Yes! A particular mom got tired of all of the in-store meltdown and decided to put a stop to them. Kristina Watts from Belfair has indeed come up with the best, the simple yet brilliant trick to solve your nightmare- A photo wish list!

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‘Our town was greatly hit by Hurricane Michael, the Cat 5 Hurricane and it was really devastating. I was approached to find means of providing Christmas toys for a local Title 1 Elementary school as the church would have been supplying Christmas gift to the Lucille Moore Elementary school couldn’t do it in 2018 because they were struggling.’

‘So, I prepared an Amazon Wishlist for all of the 500 children and went live on Facebook, called my friends to action and within days, our house was filled up with yours from people all across the United States. We then included a second school and unexpectedly, we had our own USPS truck delivering toys for about a week.’ Ms. Watts, who revealed it all started in 2018 told Bored Panda.

She added: ‘Our children assisted in unboxing and in organizing all of them. Certainly, as a 2-year-old, you definitely would want all the toys in your own house. Emmie wanted to open and play with everything and didn’t realize they weren’t for her. So I began taking pictures of her with the ones she liked and told her perhaps she can get one too. It Worked!’

‘She stopped trying to get everything out its package, but carried it around, take pictures with them and place them back.’ Ms. Watts further explained.

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