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Mom Gets Note From Neighbor Saying ‘We Don’t Want To See Your A*s Out’


Mom Gets Note From Neighbor Saying ‘We Don’t Want To See Your A*s Out’

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, just my ar** apparently.”

A mother was rebuked by her neighbor through a note that was left on her car on a Monday morning. UK mom Alexandria Taylor shared on Facebook how a neighbor’s parent had left quite an angry note after their child had accidentally seen her walking around in her house in knickers.

The mother-of-two told Kennedy News, “It’s the most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to me; I can’t get my head ’round it.”

As it turned out, some neighbors shared that they’d seen her getting ready for bed in knickers and underwear. The 26-year-old was going around the house, making sure the doors are locked while turning the lights off at around 10 pm.

On Monday morning, around 8.30 AM, she found this note as she was setting out for her car sales job.

“It would be much appreciated if you could [at] least shut your blinds when walking naked! Around your house… My kids do not and would not want to see your ass out on the show.”

“Much appreciated, your neighbors.”

“I wasn’t walking around naked. I was wearing a t-shirt and French knickers – they covered a lot of my bum,” Alex described herself. “To be honest, they’re lucky because normally I walk around in a lot less than that. I just went round as I normally do, locking up and turning all the lights off.”

“They’re lucky they caught me quite covered up on this occasion.”

“I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I have no problem with the way I look.”

The woman did not think that it was right for a neighbor to look into your home then comment on how you should’ve dressed. She felt livid with how the unpleased neighbor had decided to just leave a note like that.

She shared, “I was so livid that someone had the audacity, who is supposed to be my neighbor, to go out of their way and leave a note on my windscreen rather than just knocking on the door and confronting me about it. “

She shared the incident and the note on Facebook and received a lot of comments from people appalled by the neighbor’s reaction.

“Maybe they’re just not confrontational, but for me, if I’ve got a problem, I’ll quite happily say it to someone’s face.”

A user shared her opinion, “I’m a naked neighbor, and I couldn’t care less. People shouldn’t look into others’ houses if they don’t like what they see.”

She is only more firm in her own belief to wear what she likes in her own home. “It’s my house; it’s my rules, ” said the woman. “It absolutely will not stop me walking around in my own home in underwear and a T-shirt.”

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