Woman Receives Nasty Letter From Neighbor Who Claims Her Garage Has 'Devalued' The Area

Woman Receives Nasty Letter From Neighbor Who Claims Her Garage Has ‘Devalued’ The Area

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Home improvement is one of the most sought out activities by people since the lockdown. When you spend the real majority of your life this year (and possibly the next) at home, you’d want to be really comfortable with your space. Some people enjoy adding small interior decors at home, others use their artistic sense to make unique drawings on the wall or door to spruce things up.

An imgur user called soundguy shared an angry letter that was shared in a Facebook group in his area. It said, “You just devalued all the homes in this area with that hideous graffiti at the front of your house.”

“It has made the entire neighborhood look like a low-income ghetto.”

“You couldn’t have put it inside your house or on an interior wall vs force us all to have to live with that? You have compromised everyone’s property value and resale opportunities by doing it with no consideration for anyone but your tasteless self.”

“What a total lack of respect for your neighbors anyone else’s value of property or pride of ownership in this neighborhood.”

“I feel sorry for the homeowners on your street and thank god it’s not on ours, but every visitor we now have will have to drive by that s**t on the way to us like they’re driving through the hood. Shame on you! You have no class!”

This is said ‘hideous graffiti’.

People in comments were absolutely baffled by the plain rudeness of this man on a beautiful garage painting. One wrote, “Wow, that’s not the picture I was expecting from that letter.”

Another one commented, “I’m the type of person that would repaint the entire house similarly after getting something like that just as a big FU.”

A lot of people tell the woman to just paint more to annoy the heck out of that homeowner. Others discussed that he doesn’t even live on the same street as him and with the lack of HOA, he doesn’t have any power to complain about it.

Of course, we don’t know who this woman is, but she was not at least splattering paint all over the place. It was clearly a simple night-sky themed drawings and she pretty much nailed what she wanted to do with it.