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Model Surprises The Internet With Her Hilarious Responses To Creepy DMs


Model Surprises The Internet With Her Hilarious Responses To Creepy DMs

It’s time to also fight back against misleading impressions.

It’s no doubt that several models and influencers on Instagram have been revealing the reality behind their photos. But luckily, one model has decided to give us a peek behind the curtain to address the other problem that isn’t that common yet: CREEPY DMs. Paige Woolen has lifted the lid by sharing her creepy DMs and her unique responses. 

If you take a glance through Woolen’s main account, you’ll get to see many photos of her in swimsuits.

And as a result, her DMs are flooded with explicit messages ranging from desperate, bitter, to entitled.

The Instagram Model has attained over 300K followers on her main account, where she’s been sharing photos in swimsuits, among others. In particular, her DMs are often flooded with explicit messages that manage to come off as desperate, bitter, and entitled. She can’t get enough of them, and due to this, she launched a second account named: @dudesinthedm

She can’t have enough of them, so she launched a ‘Dudes In The Dm’ Instagram account.

Instagram | @paigeuncaged

The account was mainly launched for a severe reason, but her comebacks to these messages are funny.

The account that has accumulated over 72K followers offers a glimpse into the sort of sordid messages she receives daily. “I found justice in replying, and I feel supported in sharing those replies here.” Woolen wrote on the account’s “about me” page. The Instagram page is undoubtedly created for a serious reason, but her comebacks are pretty hilarious.

An Example: This person appears to be more self-aware than his other meat-headed peers.

This isn’t very good! How do men think?

The above DM is an example of what we are about. Another user, who was both hungry and excited, had also told her, “I like you how I like my turkey: moist, smoking hot, with big br**sts, lying on your back ready to be eaten.” In response, Woolen said: “You lost me at moist, and there’s no doubt that so many people who hate that word feel seen right now.”

Another proof of how annoying Woolen’s aggressive followers can be.

This person got a few points for his creative use of ASCII art, but he’s so entitled.

Woolen also gets a whole host of horrible DMs. Like in the pic below, she got THREATENED!

It’s undeniably fun to act like you don’t know what people are talking about when they come at you with creepy discussions and DMs. However, Woolen hopes her screenshots will make someone laugh out loud or perhaps help girls who are constantly bullied online feel less alone. It’s guaranteed that you will laugh first when taking a glance and for more of Woolen’s clapbacks, click HERE.

However, Woolen hopes her screenshots will help girls who constantly get bullied online feel less alone.

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