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20 Creepy Things Men Really Need To Stop Doing Before It Gets Too Far


20 Creepy Things Men Really Need To Stop Doing Before It Gets Too Far

Your passion may just pass out as a super creepy attitude.

Regrettably, society is often so forgivable about the things that men do to the point they’re viewed as common. Even though women often talk amongst themselves about just how uncomfortable it is to accept such treatment and not left alone even when explicitly told to. No, it’s time we speak up!

This Reddit thread lays out all the things men have been doing to women that they think are okay but turn out to be really problematic! Men, if you don’t want to be creepy or accidentally called one, here’s your lesson!


“Where’s my hug?”Scrappy_Larue

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“Saying anything along the lines of “you’re perfect” upon minutes of meeting.”YourTransJesus


“I have a large tattoo on my shoulder, and I’ve had several men come up from behind, and move my tank top strap and bra strap to see it better. It’s been mostly in grocery stores and Lowe’s of all places.”ookaminaku


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“That hassling you for a date because you don’t have a bf is not okay. “But you don’t have a bf…” The point is dude, I’d rather be single than date you. Take the bloody hint.

They respect the idea of another man’s property more than a woman’s autonomy.”ukhoneybee


“My wife had a boss that would come up behind the ladies and start giving them shoulder massages… not cool dude.”BuckingFutters78


“When I am walking down the sidewalk, follow me slowly in a car while trying to talk to me. I f**king hate this.”terribleverything


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“Putting their hands on your thigh or back casually while talking to you. If I’m being friendly it’s not a signal for you to touch me. Far too many co-workers, creepy uncles, etc. find this ok!”LibraD_Va


“I don’t have air in my car but it’s so hot where I live so my windows are always down. When I come to a red light men try to talk to me from their vehicles and it makes me wildly uncomfortable because I obviously can’t get away.”PlantPrincess3337


“Block an exit while trying to start a conversation. Just. don’t do it EVER.”landho54


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“When strange men approach me and start asking personal questions like we’re on a first date.”eravn


“When they walk behind you they either touch your lower back or give your shoulders a squeeze. Those things are only okay for my husband to do. No one else.

It isn’t cute or endearing. It’s extremely uncomfortable to deal with and makes women avoid you or cringe when you’re near.”arcant12


“My workplace is mostly men. There are 3 women and approximately 25 men. I used to bring in homemade baked goods a lot… pumpkin bread, brownies, cookies, smores bars, and the like. I enjoy being in the kitchen. It’s a nice gesture to share.

One guy started drawing me borderline inappropriate Minnie Mouse drawings. Not done well. Traced images but with small changes like her bloomers too short. Weird to explain. I’m the exact opposite of a person you’d think would like anything Disney-related, let alone sexy Minnie. He said he drew them to thank me for the treats. I stopped bringing in treats which resulted in everyone else questioning why I quit baking. Very awkward all around.”reddit


IHave ABoyfriend Taken GIF - IHaveABoyfriend Taken InARelationship GIFs

“I’ve come across a few men who don’t seem to understand that “I have a boyfriend” means I’m not single and I don’t want to be pursued or flirted with.”gvf77


“Tell you to smile. It used to make me really uncomfortable; now I just grin maniacally at them.”suspicious_niffler


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“Follow you around while you’re out because they want to keep talking to you after you’ve already made 2 attempts to end the conversation.”hypersp00p


“DMs go:
I’m not interested
F**k you, you stupid bi**h.”


“Honking, yelling or some form of catcalling while I’m running or even just walking down the street.”T7Ley


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“When men I don’t know well at all do random favors for me without me asking. I know it can come from an innocent place, but I’ve had enough buildups to creepy behavior that started with small things, that I’m immediately suspicious.”i_just_haveaquestion


“I’ve got curly hair and I’m sick of men thinking they can just come and grab a coil of hair and pull it like I’m some kind of slinky spring! Don’t touch my f**king hair and don’t call me moody when I tell you to stop!”weemuree


“Maybe it’s just me but, asking if I live alone. Now, if at this point of inquiry there was an already established friendship, I suppose it’s okay. But if you are a stranger or an acquaintance that would freak me out.”changingoftheseasons

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