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“I Found Out My Husband Was Cheating After My Daughter Used The Family iPad – But I Won’t Leave Him”


“I Found Out My Husband Was Cheating After My Daughter Used The Family iPad – But I Won’t Leave Him”

Will marriage counseling work?

An anonymous woman has insisted she has no plans to leave her husband despite knowing he was cheating. The mom, who took to TikTok under the name @our.broken.marriage (now deleted) to share her husband’s history of infidelity, claimed the discovery emerged after her daughter used the family iPad. 

An unnamed wife documented her husband’s history of infidelity on TikTok in a series of posts.

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our.broken.marriage via TikTok

The woman’s daughter used the iPad, and her husband didn’t realize his messages were synced. In one of her videos, the woman revealed she has been with her husband for 11years, and about ten years ago, he went to Vegas, got hooked up with a girl, and Yes, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. 

She added she told him to leave if he wasn’t happy, but her husband ultimately decided to stay and make things work. While she frequently feels paranoid, the woman said the marriage was good, but well, it didn’t last as expected. “About 5years ago, he reconnected with a friend from high school, and they started flirtatiously texting.”

She detailed the times her husband has been unfaithful and insisted she had no plan to leave.

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our.broken.marriage via TikTok

“It got to the point where they were making plans to escape together. I found the text messages on Thanksgiving day; it was devastating. It wrecked me so hard inside to know that all of my suspicions and fears were valid.” The woman explained. Despite all this, she decided to stay, and the couple has welcomed two little girls. 

Fast forward to the present; it appeared her husband’s wandering eye had once again got the better version of him. She continued: “I thought we were over this, and as of this past Tuesday, I found out we weren’t. I’ve realized that while my husband’s out of town, his messages sync up to our family iPad, and I was able to dive deep, and I am pretty disappointed by what I found.”

Despite seeing numerous flirtatious exchanges on the family’s iPad, she still wants to make the marriage work, so they’ve started counseling.

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our.broken.marriage via TikTok

Her daughter had been playing with the device when she mistakenly opened up the messaging app. It was there she discovered numerous flirtatious text exchanges between different women, including one who had sent her husband a topless selfie. However, this third circle of fidelity isn’t enough to push the woman to leave, and presently, the pair have sought marriage counseling. 

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