Men Try To Teach A Female Olympic Gold Medalist The Right Way To Hold A Gun

Men Try To Teach A Female Olympic Gold Medalist The Right Way To Hold A Gun

Men Try To Teach A Female Olympic Gold Medalist The Right Way To Hold A Gun

Vitalina Batsarashkina of ROC triumphed against South Korean Kim Min-Jung in the women’s 25-meter pistol event to claim her 2nd gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Games. The 24-Year-Old, who won the 10m pistol gold at the same Asaka Shooting Range, became the first female shooter to claim three medals at now ongoing Olympics. People worldwide celebrated with Batsarashkina and were even captivated by her calm stance during the competition.

Nonetheless, Batsarashkina’s stance depicted in a photo that has since gone viral has sparked a heated debate on Twitter. In particular, user @Blankzilla shared the picture of Batsarashkina, who stood calmly with a gun in one hand and the other in her pocket. Within minutes, mansplaining emerged; men started commenting on the medalist’s position, claiming she did it wrong. Thankfully, a few who happened to be experienced shooters surfaced and tried to shut down the situation. 

Twitter Was Astonished By Batsarashkina’s Stance During The Competition After User Blankzilla Shared A Photo.


But Some People, Particularly Men Started Mansplaining Her Standing Technique: Gun In One Hand And The Other In The Pocket.

Men Try To Teach A Female Olympic Gold Medalist The Right Way To Hold A Gun

Batsarashkina officially started sports shooting at 12-Years-Old. Since childhood, she had reportedly been interested in masculine activities, including hunting and fishing. Before turning 10-Years-Old, the medalist learned how to use a gun, which appears to be the beginning of her sports shooter career. So far, she has won two gold medals and a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics. She’s been in the spotlight of international recognition since the 2014 European Junior Championships. 

Thankfully, A Few Debunked Mansplainers By Sharing Their Experiences.


One main critique was that holding a gun with one arm could break her wrist, but according to Olympics shooting rules, athletes have to shoot using one hand, and using an air pistol won’t break their twist. According to one Twitter user, shooting sports primarily entail posture stability and accuracy in aiming and triggering. For this reason, air pistol shooters are seen with one hand in their pocket to maintain a relaxed body position.  

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