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Man Who Turned Himself Into ‘Black Alien’ Gets Shouted At And People Often Run Away From Him


Man Who Turned Himself Into ‘Black Alien’ Gets Shouted At And People Often Run Away From Him

Holds no regrets.

To make his appearance resemble a Black Alien, Anthony Loffredo has undergone extensive procedures and tattoo sessions. He documents his journey on Instagram, and with his dark inks covering most of his body, he also has had his tongue modified, so it’s split in two. 

Anthony has had implants installed under the skin on his head and arms, and his eyeballs are also tattooed.

The new development is that the Instagrammer is planning to have his penis split in half. With all these extreme reactions, Anthony doesn’t regret his transformation and has a resolution that states: “Yeah, I play with my health. I treat my own body really hard. But I still think and say to myself that people can die of anything. Like you could be run over by a car, you could have a stroke. So you know, life, it’s just luck.”

But so far, others haven’t accepted the French man’s choices. Anthony has claimed people tend to be very judgmental and go as far as to shout at him in the street.

“I’m human. There’s people who think I’m just crazy. There’s people, who when they see me, shout and run and many things,” Anthony said on an episode of the Spanish podcast Club 113. He added people often have an interesting reaction to how he looks. On his Instagram, Anthony posted photos and videos of members of the public’s reactions to his appearance.

One of such had shown someone wide-eyed, their jaw dropped open, pausing eating their food to stop & stare. 

Another is a video of Anthony walking through crowded streets, with two women caught on camera upping their pace as they passed by him. He has even posted a video of Nana Rosi reacting to the Black Alien. In all, Anthony insists he doesn’t like playing with people and goes out of his way to make others feel more comfortable“I think it’s dangerous to not try to do that. At night when I go past people in the street, I move to the other side.” 

“When I cross with people, like old people, I change sides in the street. Also with kids I’m careful. I know it can be a shock,” Anthony stressed. 

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