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Man Got His Revenge On Gold Digger Girlfriend After She Demands Diamond Engagement Ring


Man Got His Revenge On Gold Digger Girlfriend After She Demands Diamond Engagement Ring

A doomed relationship from the beginning.

A relationship isn’t going to last if your partner demands you to invest million into a piece of jewelry to prove your love. Diamond has long been the standard for engagement and wedding rings. But recently, there has been a shifting trend towards a minimalistic design by a generation that puts simplicity and beauty over the price tag.

You’re getting married, not striking a deal, right?


Apparently, this traditional Karen accepts nothing less than a 3-month worth ring from her rich boyfriend, and he was kind of fed up.

Sapphires aren’t a Karen’s best friend.

Most of you don’t know, but there are many alternatives to diamonds that are just as gorgeous. Untrained eyes would never be able to see the difference between lab-grown and naturally mine diamond (which is a market tightly related to forced, underpaid labor!). Moissanite, for example, sparkles more than diamond and is the second hardest stone after diamond.

However, it doesn’t end there.


It’s pretty clear at this point that Dave, our 34-year-old smart man, had dodged a huge bullet there. Living in a very rural, southern area of the USA, Dave’s earnings are considered middle to the upper class.

The original poster, who’s Dave’s cousin, shared her own opinion, “My hubby proposed with a blue sapphire on an antique gold band and DAMN it’s been the best.”

This story went viral 8 months ago and became quite well-known in the small town they lived in. Karen tried to play victim after everyone knows her as a gold-digger, but nobody sided with her. Dave had also since moved to another state for his job.

People think she should sue just for the fun of it.

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