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Bride Finds Out Her £7.5K Ring Fiancé Spent Two Years Paying Off Is Fake


Bride Finds Out Her £7.5K Ring Fiancé Spent Two Years Paying Off Is Fake

Always be careful out there and shop from trusted jewellers only!

We love to do a bit of show-off when we achieve something and for this bride, it was the platinum-diamond ring her fiancé paid off in installment for 2 years. But it shocked her to find out that the ring was fake after she showed it off to her friend who could recognize it at first glance.

Her fiancé chose to paid the £7,500 ring in spread payments and it was a stunning ring that she loved so much. She bragged about the pretty ring to her friend, who later asked to be shown the ‘diamond and platinum’ ring. But it didn’t take her too long to send her the horrible news that it’s fake.

We hate seeing people shaming rings, but her post became an important reminder and warning to people. She posted about the fake ring on That’s it, I’m wedding shaming. The scratched ‘diamonds’ gave it off along with the fake ‘platinum’ that had tons of scratches on it.

The woman wrote, “My eyes bulged out when she told me the price. The platinum is worn down, buffed with thousands of tiny scratches. That’s when I turned the ring over to see the benchmarks on the ring – I see a big CZ and 925 in the ring.”

She later researched what these marks meant and they were actually sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Definitely not the expensive, sturdy platinum she thought she had. Two days later, the couple went to find the jeweller back for explanations.

It was later revealed that these fake would only worth £10 and were actually dummy demo. The woman who posted also wrote, “Mind you, she’d had the ring serviced during that time. So they knew what was up and said nothing to them.”

This obviously meant they got duped, but they were finally given the real rings and had a few payments returned.

Source: Mirror

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