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Bride Hilariously Slammed For Her Bizarre Engagement Ring


Bride Hilariously Slammed For Her Bizarre Engagement Ring

‘Why is she wearing a shiny LEGO’

While it was intended to show off love in all its glory, A new bride has been subject to trolls after a picture of her unusual engagement ring became the subject of an online troll. Online users ganged up to mock the ring with many likening it to a traffic light or a piece of Lego toy.

An anonymous Texan woman sparked the war when she shared snaps of the sparkler – which features three eye-catching stones mounted on a 2cm-long rectangle band – to a Facebook group That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming.

To caption photos of the controversial piece of jewelry, she questioned whether it looked more like a traffic light or a boom box – but others instead suggested it drew comparisons to a piece of Lego.

‘I didn’t know LEGO had a jewelry line,’ wrote one, while a second joked: ‘It looks like a traffic signal and it’s on red, maybe you should STOP.’

Some critics who agreed the ornament indeed resembled a traffic light could not help but make a few traffic-related jokes.

‘Definitely traffic light.’
But why, why would you want a traffic light as a diamond ring,’ another asked.

Meanwhile, others claimed the ring closely resembled a piece of Lego instead. ‘Diamond chipped legos,’ commented one. ‘Why is she wearing a shiny LEGO?’ asks another

Another Facebook user who couldn’t just take it anymore commented ‘Christ this might actually be the ugliest ring I’ve ever seen in my life. What the actual f***. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.’

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