Man Fights Off 6ft Hammerhead Shark With Camera Stick While Spearfishing

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Imagine that you’re freediving in the waters of Victoria, Australia, and suddenly, a hammerhead shark decided to ram its head to you. Definitely scary and jaw-dropping, just like how Dion Creek felt. Captured on his GoPro is an agitated shark that suddenly swam towards while he was spearfishing around Magpie Reef at Prince Charlotte Bay.

While he was looking for crayfish, the six-foot-long shark suddenly took a turn and attacked the man. The man spoke on 9news, “I was about to adjust the camera. I just caught the shark coming out the corner of my eye.”

Dion Creek
Dion Creek

The GoPro was mounted on a pole and Dion often films himself while spearfishing. He had never expected that it would become a weapon that helps him defend himself against a shark attack. While the video showed him fighting against it once, what it didn’t show was the shark came back at him two more times.

“I pushed the first time, it came at me again. I hit it the second time and I pushed it away the third time, just to push away from it,” said the man.

Dion Creek

After barely escaping from a shark attack with no injuries, Dion quickly resurfaced and swam back to his boat.

Dion realized that he was ‘quite lucky’ when he remembers what happened. He remained calm throughout the attack, and it ‘didn’t faze me.’

Hammerhead sharks are considered harmless to humans and relatively smaller compared to their relatives. But he has now learned not to dive alone and takes extra precautions whenever he goes spearfishing if similar incidents happen again. Jokingly, Dion also said, “Next week, I’ll be buying myself a lottery ticket.”