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Man Disgusted To Find A Chicken Head In Her KFC Takeaway


Man Disgusted To Find A Chicken Head In Her KFC Takeaway

Welp, extra crunchy time.

A takeaway customer never thought that her anticipation for a tasty fried chicken meal would end up putting her off so much. Gabrielle found a whole chicken head fried in batter inside her meal and that made her give the place a two-star review.


She got her takeaway from the KFC Feltham in Twickenham and wrote her review, “I found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal. Put me off the rest (of my meal), urgh.”

It’s going to be a memorable Christmas for her!


KFC is regretful for what happened but decided to reply to the incident with a lighthearted tone on Twitter, joking that this might just be the most generous two-star review ever considering what happened. Several people were also joking about it, asking, “What does it take to get one star?”

One answered, “Two chicken heads.”

Another guessed, “Unfried chicken head.”

The spokesperson explained, “We were genuinely surprised by this photo. Since Gabrielle got in touch, we’ve been looking into how it happened.”

“Put simply, we serve real chicken – and we’re proud of that – but this has clearly slipped through the strict processes and checks in place with our suppliers, partners, and teams, who freshly prepare everything in our restaurants.”

“It’s true that even the best-laid plans can on rare occasions go awry. And this is an incredibly rare one. It’s one we’ve taken incredibly seriously – already putting further measures in place with our suppliers as well as retraining our teams to prevent it happening again.”

“That said, it doesn’t change Gabrielle’s experience – so we’ve reached out to her and she’s now accepted some free KFC on us.”

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