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Maid Of Honor Dressed As T-Rex Crashes Her Sister’s Wedding


Maid Of Honor Dressed As T-Rex Crashes Her Sister’s Wedding

She surprises her sister with a hilarious outfit during the wedding.

Wedding ceremonies are correctly counted as one of the biggest ceremonial events in everyone’s life. Majorly by the female folks, it is a day and an event that is hoped to go on smoothly and perfectly without any form of hitches.

To this end, some people hire the professional services of a wedding planner all as an attempt to keep the event color and highly organized as much as possible.

Nonetheless, with an event of that magnitude which practically involves the presence of guest from different facets of lives, keeping everyone under check is highly difficult.

For instance, it is quite hard to fully determine what guest wear to a wedding ceremony. Some funny guest has portrayed some hilarious attitude particularly in terms of dressing like wearing a wedding gown to someone else’s wedding.

Although cases of guests dressing, however, they like can completely ruin the memorable day, however, there have been cases where such situation turn out to be amazing – adding to the colorfulness of the day with lots of laughter

Recently, a maid of honor who was given the permission to wear any outfit of her choice shared a hilarious outfit she chose for her sister’s wedding.

Deanna Adams, who was to get married, thought permitting her sister, Christina Meador to wear whatever she wants would free her the stress of making additional dress plan. However, Christina sees it as an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary.

Christina decided to prank her sister with an inflatable massive T-Rex costume. This unusual dress will definitely not go unobserved.

Since August 11 when the pictures got posted by Christina, it has gone really viral attracting over 6k likes and 35k shares.

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